Shikhar Dhawan under observation, what will be the plan B of team India???

shikhar dhawan

BCCI informed on Tuesday- “Team India opening batsman Mr. Shikhar Dhawan is presently under the observation of the BCCI medical team. The team management has decided that Mr. Dhawan will continue to be in England and his progress will be monitored. ”. BCCI did not reveal the nature of the injury or the result of the scan he had undergone earlier in the day.

Earlier, Dhawan’s thumb was injured in the match against Australia. Although he scored 93 runs after first sustaining his injury, he didn’t take the field for the entirety of India’s bowling innings. Later it was confirmed that he has picked up a hairline fracture on his left thumb.

KL Rahul will now have to open the batting inning, but then the only available replacement in India’s present squad to fill Rahul’s void in the middle order lineup is Vijay Shankar. Vijay Shankar has not played too many international level matches. This scenario will definitely put pressure on team India management.

Sources say that Rishabh Pant will be flown in on the earliest possible flight to England as a cover for Dhawan, but won’t yet be named as a replacement. Pant will be on stand-by as the medical team keeps Dhawan under observation. If he shows signs of recovery, Pant will be just another Indian who came to England to watch the World Cup.